Many hospitals employ physicians and with Accountable Care Organizations becoming more popular, we see that trend increasing.  Often, we see hospital billing personnel focused on facility coding and billing but have very little experience or education in physician billing.

Physician billing is very different from hospital billing. As a result, without a knowledgeable physician billing team, an entire revenue stream may be lost or short changed.

Hospitals need to ensure they are collecting every available dollar in reimbursement for its physician staff. Sierra Health Service and our staff of AAPC certified coders and billers can see that the professional claim is billed out accurately the first time. If you are a large healthcare system with your own CBO, Sierra can partner with you in many different areas to enhance the overall revenue cycle performance.

Our billing platform has interfaces with every major hospital EHR system, allowing us to load demographic and charge data electronically into our system, increasing the speed and accuracy of claim submission. Our efficient workflows can lessen the burden on hospital professionals and staff.  Our reporting packages give hospital staff and departments the tools to manage their staff appropriately and anticipate revenue streams.

Sierra Health Services is the best choice for hospitals looking to achieve their income potential for their hospital physicians in any discipline.

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