Partnering with an experienced billing service is one of the most important business decisions you can make for your Ambulatory Surgical Center.

Sierra Health Services has extensive knowledge of complex ASC billing codes and regulations. Unlike professional billing regulations for providers, ASC billing differs in myriad ways, and without an ASC knowledgeable billing service to partner with, your facility will leave money on the table.

CMS has different guidelines from many of the commercial payers. The payers and products themselves differ in billing requirements – revenue codes, modifiers, and even the differences between plans and products can be confusing to those less experienced. Sierra Health Services will help code and submit your claims electronically using either the UB-04 claim form or the HCFA-1500 form. Our ASC billing teams understand the nuances of ASC billing and adapt quickly to the changing guidelines we see occurring in the industry.

Our AAPC certified coders and billers have years of experience working with surgery centers. They are focused and equipped with the knowledge and expertise to manage billing-related processes to ensure that you receive payments and reimbursements on time. Our staff will work side by side with your staff to establish protocols in your facility that will ensure claims go out cleanly and accurately the first time and payments come in without delay.

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