Our Credentialing Team has extensive experience with physician and hospital credentialing, as well as insurance credentialing and re-credentialing.

Our credentialing software manages tasks and sends reminders to ensure your information is always up to date. We constantly analyze your existing, current, and future contracts to ensure that you are getting the best rates possible for your area and your specialty.

We review, advise, and negotiate contracts with managed care and third-party payers, and present contracts for approval. We create and maintain a contract matrix for both solo and group practices that will include the terms, contact people, and rates for all contracts.

We keep an electronic file of licenses, letters, and certifications for the provider and will attach those with the applications. If we are missing any, we request them from the providers at the time we send the initial application. Once the completed applications are mailed, we follow up with the carriers to ensure timely credentialing of physicians.

Continuous review of protocols and procedures in credentialing, coding, data entry, customer service, and accounts receivable ensure the service you receive is superior.

Our credentialing management team holds “The Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist (CPCS)” status and maintains their certification by completing required course work to stay up to date on new regulations.

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