Our PhilosophyDoctor

At Sierra Health Services we understand that the current environment for all health care professionals is one filled with anxiety about the future. No industry in the United States is changing as rapidly as health care, to this end Sierra Health offers a partnership with our clients, providing full transparency throughout the Revenue Cycle Management process. With our support not only in Revenue Cycle Management but in compliance/auditing, provider education, managed care negotiations and provider enrollment, we accelerate and increase client revenue.

What Makes Sierra Health Different?

Three things set us apart from other billing companies – Best People, Best Practice, and Best Technology.

  • A leadership team with over 100 years’ experience in the physician billing industry and a staff that’s trained to treat your patients and colleagues with the same care, respect, and compassion you show for them.
  • Leveraging all the knowledge and technology at its disposal, Sierra Health Services enables its partners to improve financial performance and stability to ensure success and improve the bottom line.
  • True success lies in how quality information is accessed and utilized. Sierra Health Services’ proprietary software provides staff access to the most efficient and sophisticated applications in the industry.