Sierra Health Services is a privately held physician billing company established in February 2000, with a philosophy towards superior customer service as its #1 priority. With 100+ years of healthcare and practice management experience in leadership positions, Sierra Health has grown to 100+ employees located in offices throughout California (Stockton, Fresno and Sacramento), Arizona (Scottsdale), and New Jersey (Clifton), serving clients in 14 states.

  • Earl Ongman, Co-founder & Managing Partner – Earl has 38+ years’ experience in physician billing and in the compliance industry. Earl has his CPC certification from the American Academy of Professional Coders. In 2000, Earl founded Sierra Health Services and as the managing partner, is involved in all aspects of Sierra operations
  • Jackie Harmon, Vice President of Operations – Jackie has 25+ years’ experience in the medical billing industry, with the last 23 years in anesthesia and pain management.  Jackie has worked with many of the largest anesthesia groups, both private and faculty based on the East Coast and bring expensive knowledge and experience to Sierra Health Services.

Sierra Financial Services provides payers and ACOs with Medicaid eligibility services to secure Medicaid coverage for persons who are insured by Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, and it provides physician directories that facilitate referrals and ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Dora Marques, CEO – Ms. Marques has 30+ years’ experience in the healthcare industry, both in provider and consulting services.