Our PhilosophyDoctor

We understand that the current environment for all health care professionals is one filled with anxiety about the future. No industry in the United States is changing so rapidly or completely. Sierra offers a unique combination of skilled professionals taking a traditional approach to the practice of business, while remaining on the cutting edge of new developments in technology and service. Everyone who works with and for us can rely on our following these basic tenets in everything we do.

How We Got Here

For years, the practice management business was a cottage industry. Physicians looked to local individuals and small businesses to provide them with the business services that they required. Then along came Managed Healthcare and with it the necessity to negotiate reimbursement rates for services. This necessitated the assistance of professional managers and thus physicians began to drift toward the larger practice management firms. As these firms grew larger, they were noticed by Wall Street as investment vehicles. Most of these firms were purchased and became part of larger conglomerates. Then the “earnings at any cost” operating philosophy took over because the management of these companies loves a good stock price and meeting earnings projections. As a result of this philosophy, these companies were unable to allocate the resources and manpower needed to provide its clients with the quality of service they were expecting.

Professionalism, the Hallmark of a Service Organization

The first victim of poor business practices is customer relations. Sierra Health Services has adopted its business philosophy as providing not only superior quality service but also superior customer service as its #1 priorities. To that end, Sierra is staffed by experienced professionals at all levels. From the senior management on down, Sierra manages the business of their physician customers with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Cutting Edge Technology Available to Individual Practitioner.

Sierra Health Services is constantly looking for new technology to assist in providing the traditional approach to the business. Currently, new clients can access their existing accounts receivable information on line. As new technological advances become available, Sierra will always take full advantage of them to assist in providing cost-effective services to its clients.